Attachment Library - Adding Documents ( I.E. Terms & Conditions, PDFs, Etc.)


  • FCS users may add a multitude of documents (including PDFs) to the Attachment Library which can be added to an inspection report in the system.
  • These PDFs can be things like a signature page, or terms and conditions, for instance


Step 1:

  • Start by going to the Toolbox, and select the "Attachment Library" icon.


Step 2:

  • Once in the Attachment Library, select "Add new File." 


Step 3:

  • Then, enter a file description, and select what type of document it is. In this example, we will add this document as terms and conditions.
  • Adding a PDF file under the terms and conditions type will automatically place the PDF at the end of the inspection report later when we generate it.
  • These files are then pulled in by alphabetical order.
  • If you have two or more terms and conditions documents and want them in a specific order, place a "1" in front of the document title you want first, and a "2" in front of the title for the second document, etc.
  • Once you have named the document, select the file using the "Choose File" button, and then hit submit.


Step 4:

  • After submitting the document, you will now see the documents in the attachment library. 


Step 5:

  • Next, we need to head to the property record where we have the inspection completed. Once there, head to the client view of the property.


Step 6:

  • Once in client view, you will now see the two terms and conditions documents we added to the attachment library.
  • Make sure you are in "Edit Mode" by selecting the gear icon at the top of the page.


Step 7:

  • Next, select the two checkboxes next to each terms and conditions, so we can attach them to the inspection report.
  • Once the boxes are checked, click the PDF icon to generate a new inspection report with the terms and conditions added to the end of it.

7.pngStep 8:

  • After the system completes generating the pdf, head to the "Notes" tab of the property record.
  • Here you will find your new inspection report, with the terms and conditions added at the end.


Step 9:

  • You can then "View Report" and copy the link at the top of the page, and paste it into an email to send to your customer. 


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